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Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Brat Pack Blog Train Sign Ups!

The Twilight Train takes off 15th June!!
Will YOU be aboard??
Eclipse of the Heart

You may make whatever you wish within the realms of the theme - whether it be Twilight or whatever - it is completely up to you what you make of it and where ever the theme leads you.
You may make Tagger, Full Size, CU, QP's whatever you like - just be sure to let your visitors know what your items are!
You may call your kit/items anything you wish just so long as it fits into the theme.
NOTE: You have to be very careful with what you call things or use for supplies due to copyrights. Particularly with this theme. If you are NOT sure don't use it.
To take part you just need to stop over and join the group to be ready *s*

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