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Sunday, October 17, 2010

CU Script Freebie

Okay - so I have a new venture.  Firstly, many, many, many thanks to Lis of Pspgirls Place for having such a fabulous group and so generously teaching us how to do this and sharing her templates with us to learn by!  You're fantastic, Lis!

Now, this script will make a full-size element, 2200 x 2500.  This script ends as a merged element and all the colors and shading are up to you.  This is CU or PU, but please don't use it as CU4CU.  Again, all thanks to Lis for letting me use her template for this fabulous idea!

You can pick this script up here or the preview is linked

Please be sure to leave some love and let me know what you think.  This is my first script, but I've got lots more in the works, so would love to know what y'all think. 


Sarah said...

I think it's awesome & can't wait to see more! TY, you made my Monday morning much, much better!

Hania said...

Thank you so much for this ;-)