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Wednesday, November 10, 2010

For the Love of Cameron CU Collab

I'm running behind on my posting, but wanted to make sure y'all had the opportunity to be sure to check out our very special CU collab at Butterfly Blush.  This is only a mere $3.00 (and we're even revealing what's in the box!) for such a fantastic cause, a fantastic little boy and his fantastic family!  

What you get:Assorted Cu items, which you can see revealed on our store blog HERE
A little about why we are doing this
By Wishing on a Starr

Around 4 years ago Cameron was diagnosed with an Autistic spectrum disorder. At that time Cameron was finding it really difficult to relate to the world going on around him......he was unable to communicate his needs & what is normally an easy transition from toddler to little boy was a complete up-heaval for our little guy.
We never gave up hope that things would somehow improve as the years passed by. Around the end of 2009 while searching for help to make Cameron's life more tolerable we came across the 
Son-Rise programme. We attended their seminar in the UK & were totally hooked from the word "go". We then attended their Startup programme which lasted for 5 days, 8am til 5pm. After applying the things we were being taught, we saw immediate positive results.......we knew that by continuing to apply what we'd learned Cameron could only benefit more. Our hopes & dreams now seemed much closer than we'd dared to believe before.
Our goal now is to attend their Option Institute in Massachusetts where Cameron will get a 2 -week intensive treatment course. To be able to get him there we are raising the funds needed as a family by organising fundraising events......
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 For the Love of Cameron

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