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Friday, September 30, 2011

Playing Catch Up - LOL

Okay - since I'm so far behind here, I've managed to acquire 3 fantabulous awards, so I'm gonna make one big post and pass on the luv!  

First up

Apparently my blog rocks - lol!  
The most fabulous Tezza of Tezza's Tagger Scraps was such a sweetheart to pass this on to me
Thanks hun!!!  LOVE your work :o)

I also received this award from Conchi of the equally fantabulous Designing Scraps
Thanks sweetie and I can I just say WOW!  Your blog is definitely rockin!!!  :)

Okay, so according to the rules, I have to pick up to 5 blogs to pass on the luv to, ones which I think rock!  So......

And last, but definitely not least, my designing Bama Bud

Now, for the next one

This beauty comes from the superbly talented Ms. Pink of Lady D's Pink Palace (Pink's Poetic Scraps)
This lady makes the most beautiful and adorable designs!  She is definitely well worth the visit - Thanks Pink!!!  Love ya!!!

So my 5 choices of blogs that make me smile are:
The best store co-owner one could ask for:  Becky of Becky's Creations
My favorite (well, I'll not use the names we use in emails for each other as that might get misconstrued quite a bit - roflmbo!) Black Cat - Dianna of Digicats (& Dogs)

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Wy said...

omg, thanks luv! :) youre so sweet!