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Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Summer in the City (Dusk2Dawn Blog Train)

Time for the Dusk2Dawn

Summer in the City

Blog Train to leave the station, folks!

This time we have tried to combine the fun of summer
with the idea of having to stay in/near the city
(what with a lot of us dealing with "staycations," and all).

I'm so very pleased every month to hear from all of y'all
about how much you're enjoying the blog train kits.  Keep up the great work
with the comments -- As always, Don't forget to leave the luv here and all along the stops!  We soo appreciate it!

I've also made it easier to download by upgrading my Mediafire account.  Now, you'll only have to click the link (we hope - LOL) and it should download.  Enjoy!  

Soo, without further ado.....
My preview of
Summer in the City

Here's the official train list with the rest of the stops!

Dusk 2 Dawn Blog Train Blinkie

Becky's Creations
Digicats (& Dogs)
Ditz Bitz
English Rose Designs
Nette's NightOwl Works
Pink's Poetic Scraps
Tammys Welt


Magda said...

Thanks so much!!

Oraynah said...

Thank You!

Handmaiden Dotty said...

Thank you Nette. It brings back memories. Someday, someone will look even further back (like in the 1940's) and do a fire hydrant and little kids running in and out of the spray. Yup, me. Also sitting on the curb, floating leaves as boats, and watching them go down the grate into the sewers. Thanks for your portion. You did great, love it. Blessings.

Cheekylala said...

Thank you so much! :)

Jenny Forbis said...

Thank you :)

Patou Crea said...

merci beaucoup pour le partage

Cosmictadpole said...

Thanks so much for sharing this cute kit!